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Our daily literacy block runs for 2 hours each day and we integrate Literacy into our Integrated Curriculum sessions.

We always endeavour to provide our students with authentic, rich and purposeful learning opportunities within Literacy, so they develop strong real-life connections and applications of their learning.

During the Literacy block we cover the Victorian Curriculum English Modes of; Reading & Viewing, Writing and Speaking & Listening.

Reading & Viewing

Reading and Viewing involves students understanding, interpreting, critically analysing, reflecting upon, and enjoying written and visual, print and non-print texts. It encompasses reading and viewing a wide range of texts and media, including literary texts.

Reading involves active engagement with texts and the development of knowledge about the relationship between them and the contexts in which they are created. It also involves the development of knowledge about a range of strategies for reading


Writing involves students in the active process of conceiving, planning, composing, editing and publishing a range of texts.

Writing involves using appropriate language for particular purposes or occasions, both formal and informal, to express and represent ideas and experiences, and to reflect on these aspects. It involves the development of knowledge about strategies for writing and the conventions of Standard Australian English. Included in our writing sessions is an opportunity for our students to practise their spelling strategies.

Speaking & Listening

Speaking and Listening refers to the various formal and informal ways oral language is used to convey and receive meaning.

It involves the development and demonstration of knowledge about the appropriate oral language for particular audiences and occasions, including body language and voice. It also involves the development of active-listening strategies and an understanding of the conventions of different spoken texts.

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