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Preparing for the brightest future, Springhurst Primary School provides unparalleled dedication and commitment to students and their variety of needs, passions and dreams. Explore our website to learn more about us.

The school has a long and proud history of serving this rural community, which dates back 133 years to 1878. Our students come from the township of Springhurst (population 250) and surrounding farms. At Springhurst Primary School, we aim to create a supportive and stimulating learning environment which will respond to the changing needs of our learning community. Our purpose is for staff and students to create an environment that promotes: 

•             The ability to learn and aspire
•             High Expectations for all
•             Literacy and numeracy priority learning
•             Positive interactions with others
•             A sense of self-worth and pride in our school and our Springhurst Community.

We value a culture that embeds learning for life through: respect, resilience, responsibility, friendship, and self-belief.
We have an ideal teacher/student ratio for our 23 students consisting of two full time teachers and a 0.6 teacher, 0.8 education support, a 0.2 business manager.

We provide a variety of authentic learning experiences - cooking, gardening, designing and publishing the local newspaper.

Our specialists programs consist of Art and Craft, Library, Digital Technologies, Chinese and Physical Education. Our school has the latest technology including interactive computers, desktop computers, laptops and iPad’s.






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“Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.”

Leonardo da Vinci


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