Welcome to Springhurst Primary School

Welcome to Springhurst Primary School and our community.

We at Springhurst Primary School believe that learning is a partnership between teachers, students, parents and the local community. We have a focus on developing the ‘whole student’, whereby the physical, social, emotional and academic growth of the child are all of vital importance.

At Springhurst Primary School we aim to create a supportive and stimulating learning environment which will respond to the changing needs of our learning community. Our purpose is for staff and students to create an environment that promotes:

  • The ability to learn and aspire.
  • High Expectations for all.
  • Literacy and numeracy priority learning
  • Positive interactions with others
  • A sense of self-worth and pride in our school and our Springhurst Community.

We value a culture that embeds learning for life through: respect, resilience, responsibility, friendship, and self-belief.

Please drop in for a visit. We look forward to meeting you.